About LRD

Bringing Everyone Together Day 2014 AncoraStudiosA rare story indeed, Lois had to learn the hard way about life and figuring out a way to make being really unique is the new normal. Living with a rare Gastric Disorder (Gastroparesis Syndrome) and dealing with the pain every day since birth is anything, but normal. Growing up, Lois was able to deal with this by joining a Baton Twirling Organization calledTennessee Twirlersat the age of 6.

When she wasn’t in a hospital room or at a baton twirling competition, Lois was usually with her dad at his job learning about computers, technology and how to fix the printers or with her mom learning about data entry, which has brought out Lois’s love for computers, technology and design.

Helping Out At Talk ShoppeAt the age of 12, Lois, along with her mother and little brother, was in severe car crash caused by a drunk driver. Due to this, her mother has had over 40 surgeries just to survive. Lois had to go through major surgery as well as it caused head trauma that she is still dealing with to this day. Thankfully, her brother made it out with just a few scratches.

By the age of 18 and feeling ready to take on the world, Lois wanted to pursue a career in either the Administrative or Graphic Design field. Unfortunately, due to her youthful appearance, Lois was never taken seriously and was forced to take on retail and hotel jobs in order to pay the bills.

By the time she turned 26, shortly after her marriage to the love of her life, Lois was so fed up working crap jobs that she decided to go into business for herself by providing Web Design, Social Media, Email and Promotional Marketing services to businesses worldwide. On May 25, 2011, LRD Virtual Admin Service was born and the rest was history.