Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Virtual Assistant?
A: A Virtual Assistant is a solo entrepreneur who works personally with their clients in a collaborative, one-on-one relationship of ongoing business support. We are the experts who keep our clients’ business organized. We can be contracted for small, one-time-only projects, or large projects that span for several months.

Q: Why work with LRD Virtual Admin Service?
A: Having it all does not mean doing it all yourself. Eventually, you will discover that you simply can’t continue to do it all and have a great life – something has to give! When you partner with LRD to proactively support you in reaching your goals, you free up time and energy for an abundance of other things, such as:

  • Grow your business
  • Spend more time with family or friends
  • Respond to other opportunities (professional and personal)
  • Balance home and work responsibilities
  • Take a much-needed vacation

Q: Is working with LRD Virtual Admin Service cost-effective?
A: Absolutely! When you work with LRD you get a partner, not an employee.

  • No office space needed
  • No furniture or equipment costs
  • No costs associated with employees, such as medical benefits, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, vacation or sick leave
  • No training time
  • No downtime costs – you pay only for 100% productive time

Q: Who works with LRD Virtual Admin Service?
A: LRD works with successful people of all kinds: authors, coaches, executives, speakers and small business owners.

Q: How much will it cost me?
A: LRD Rates vary according to the services provided. Contact LRD today for a consultation.

Q: How do I pay LRD?
A: LRD accepts PayPal as payment.

Q: What does contracting LRD commit me to?
A: You are committed only to the time period for which you contracted our services.