Before I started working with Lois Riley Durham, of LRD, I was completely over-matched by the details that came with running my business: payroll, banking, calls, filing, and other tasks. I run a real estate company and that is not how I wanted to spend my time. I let Lois do it all. Her involvement has freed me up to concentrate on the core of my business. She is an integral part of my operation.

Client – Memphis, TN

Lois invited me to join her on her radio show and she was very professional, I then created my own radio show from her lead and she joined me as well. We had a great time working together. If you need any virtual support services, contact Lois, she is the best bet for your business!

Andrea Grogan  Distinctive VA

Lois Riley Durham is a must have for your business. Virtual Admin is new on the horizon and Lois has caught hold of the concept and ran with it. Loyalty and dependability best describe Lois Riley Durham, owner and CEO of LRD Virtual Admin Service. Lois will assist you from any location in the Nation and deliver excellence in the process.

Sherri D. Motes  Come Into Your OWN

As a virtual admin. assistant, Lois is passionate about supporting the business of others, freeing up their valuable business time. Check out LRD Virtual Admin Services.

Beverly Borwick  Glory Shine Adornment