10 Ways To Get People To Pin On Pinterest

How effective are you in your Pinterest marketing? Test out these tips regularly and you’re sure to see a vast improvement in your influence.

  1. Organize your boards. – A disorganized board disorients customers away from where you want them clicking. Make your product pins easy to locate and enticing enough to pin.
  2. Host a contest. – In order to gain for your business, you have to give. Hosting a contest is an excellent way to get users to pin your products, especially if you require them to re-pin a post in order to win!
  3. Add the Pinterest “Pin It” overlay button to your website. – You certainly have products or services on your website, right? Add the Pinterest “Pin It” button to your product images to smooth the process in sharing on the web.
  4. Become active on Pinterest. – Pinterest users are way more likely to pin our images if they know who you are. Become active on Pinterest by sharing content, engaging in Pinterest groups, and pinning other users’ content.
  5. Build up a content bank. – This goes hand in hand with actively pinning. If your board is bare, users won’t be impressed; you have to pin a lot of engaging imagery to become a true pinner!
  6. Perfect your profile. – Describe your organization and linked back to your website. Also, include the links to your other social networks (this works especially well if you are active on those networks).
  7. Re-pin your content. – Older content doesn’t have to remain in your archives. Repin the images that performed well in the past in order to reap the rewards today.
  8. Be consistent. – Consistency is the key to building a loyal audience. If your audience can’t rely on you to push valuable content, how can they rely on you for customer service?
  9. Tag the original owner of your pinned images. – Another way to build a positive reputation and connect on Pinterest is to tag other users, especially if the images you use are uploaded by someone else. Re-pin another user enough times, and you’ll have to build a solid connection in no time!
  10. Optimize the SEO for your images. – There are several areas in your Pinterest content where you can utilize hashtags and keywords. Image descriptions, board names and account descriptions are all prime opportunities to outperform your competition in search.

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