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5 Symptoms Of Burnout (Part One)

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Burnout can get the better of you, even when you love to work. Sometimes you don’t even realize you are going through burnout until you hit rock bottom. How do you even notice the signs? Well in this post, I will go over the most common symptoms of burnout. If this sounds like you, please stay tuned for next week as I will go over to necessary steps to take in order to overcome burnout.

1. Relationship Issues: Stress will bleed into everything you do. Even when you feel that you are keeping yourself in check at work, stress can rear its head at home which can make your relationship suffer. Stress can make people snap, lose their shit, and get involved in unnecessary drama.

2. Health Issues: Burnout can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with back pain, depression, or just getting sick a lot, you need to consider the consequence your job or project is costing you.

Symptoms Of Burnout

3. Memory Issues: Stress can hammer down the part of your brain that is responsible for executive function. It can impact your memory, decision-making abilities, emotional control, and focus. If you notice that you are forgetting things or making poor decisions, you are likely burning out.

4. Motivation Issues: When you start something like a new job or project, motivation comes naturally. When you start burning out, you struggle to find the motivation to do the job or get that project done. You may complete tasks, and even complete them well, but the motivation that used to drive you is gone. Instead of doing work because you love the work itself, your motivation comes from fear of missing deadlines, letting people down, or getting fired.

5. Self-care Issues: Life is a constant struggle, but when you are experiencing burnout, your self-control goes out the window and you find yourself giving into temptations more easily. This is due to the way that stress compromises your decision-making and self-control and also partially due to lower levels of confidence and motivation.

So what do we need to do in order to fix this so you don’t have to deal with burnout in the future? Check out next Friday’s post where I will go over to necessary steps to take in order to overcome burnout.

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