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5 Tips To Decluttering Your Home Office

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Over time, most people will collect more things than they will get rid of. The result is your cluttered home office will eventually cause stress. Because of that, it can become difficult to find the things that you need and you will waste valuable time that can be used for other things and your anxiety will increase in the process.

When it comes to working, clutter in the office can cause you to become unproductive. While decluttering your home office will take time, this is a doable goal. Here are 5 tips to decluttering your home office.

1. Create A Plan. Before you go into declutter mode, try to create a plan that will guide you through the process. This project may take several days and following a detailed plan will help get you to that finish line.

2. Get Your Supplies. Now that you have a plan in place, it is time to get a few supplies to get the declutter ball rolling. As you declutter through your home office, you may need organizers, bins, trash bags as well as boxes to put items in that you plan to sell or donate.

3. Clean Flat Surfaces. Flat surfaces like your desk and file cabinet is a gathering place for junk. This will make your home office look cluttered, and that will contribute to disorganization and stress. As you move throughout each inch of the room, clean off these surfaces before you dig inside the drawers, cabinets, and other areas of the room.

4. Organize The Desk. The top of your desk should be a functional work area rather than a storage space for pens, staplers, paper, and more. At most, you should have three or four items on the desk besides computer gear and maybe your cell phone. If you have many gadgets that you prefer to see during the day, place them on a wall shelf above or near your desk.

5. Organize The Files. A poor filing system is a great way to tell people you’re unprofessional. For files, remove all unnecessary items from the file cabinet so that you can start organizing with a clean slate. Then, develop a labeled system that is easier for you to keep up with.

That was just five of my top tips to decluttering your home office. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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