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5 Ways To Spark Your Creativity For The New Year

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I think we have all been there before when it comes to finding that creativity or just be creative and productive in general. You need to work on an important task or write that new blog post, but many hours in and you still stare at a blank screen. When lacking inspiration, how do you get those creative juices going? After doing some research to help me find motivation, here are a few tips for sparking creativity for the new year.

1. Clear Your Workspace – I don’t know about you, but I can’t think straight or even be productive when my office is messy. So imagine how it can interfere with your creative outlet as well. Before I even start my day, I have to make sure my desk is completely cleared off from the day before.

2. Morning Pages – If you like writing in a journal then you will love Morning Pages. I learned about Morning Pages by watching one of Amy Landino’s YouTube videos where she goes into detail about what Morning Pages are and the benefits of writing in your Morning Pages Journal everyday. Click here to check out the video. You will be happy you did.

3. Take A Nap – Got a problem and can’t find a solution for it? Why not sleep on it and allow your subconscious to do the work  for you. Make sure you have something to write on beside your bed, as these answers can disappear at any moment after you wake up. Trust me you don’t want to forget.

4. Listen To Music – Nothing gets my juices flowing in the creative department more than when I am listening to music. Now my taste of music might be a bit out there for most people, but when I start to hear that heavy metal going, my mind just opens ups and I start coming alive with creativity.

5. Don’t Look For Perfectionism – This is something I am constantly working on. I know I will never look perfect and that drives me insane all the time, so I try to always put 150% of all my energy in my work as I want it to speak for me. Only problem with that is I know one of the biggest killers of creativity is perfectionism. So here is my advice. Stop trying to be so perfect, allow your creative side to be messy, unpredictable and just a bit crazy.

There are a number of ways to spark your creativity. These are only a few ideas. The key is to start. The rest will fall into place.

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