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6 Ideas You Can Send To Your Email Subscribers

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Are you struggling to find newsletter ideas to send to your subscribers? Email marketing is a great way to share your message, but, it can be hard to keep coming up with fresh content each week. In this blog post, I will share a few ideas to keep your subscribers viewing your content.

1. Share Your Blog Posts – Do you want to get a lot of views on your latest blog post? Instead of waiting for people to go check out your newest post, you can get them excited about it and drive traffic to your website by sharing it with them in your weekly newsletter. It is all a great way to encourage your subscribers to share the post on social media and make it easy for them by including a share button in your newsletter.

2. Share Your YouTube Videos – Do you have a YouTube channel? If you do, you can start sharing your YouTube videos in your newsletter. It’s important to remember though, your YouTube video will not necessarily play right inside an email. Email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and others don’t have the technical requirements to make that happen. So, it’s best to add a static image of your YouTube video with a play button over top and link the image to your video hosted on YouTube. That way, when subscribers click on the play button on the image, it will open up the video on YouTube. An added bonus of sharing your videos with your newsletter subscribers is that it will help you get more YouTube subscribers and more views!

3. Quick Tips & Tricks – In addition to sending a new blog post, you can use newsletters to provide additional value in the form of some quick tips and tricks. If you discover a new tool or a trick that got you great results, but maybe the information is not big enough to turn it into a blog post. If it is valuable, send it out in a newsletter Your subscribers will be thankful for the quick tip.

4. Ask For Feedback – Communicate with your audience. Ask a question once in a while. It will help you to better understand your audience, get new ideas for posts and products, and it will help you build the relationship. You can even set up a survey to get even more insights on some of the ideas you may have.

5. Behind The Scenes – Since your newsletters won’t be broadcasted all over your website, they are a good place to get a little bit more personal. Subscribers enjoy getting a behind the scenes look at how you run your life or business and it can establish a deeper, more personable bond between you and your subscribers.

6. Reminders & News – If you have products, services, or events as part of your brand, then this option could work for you. Instead of sending out new content to your subscribers, you could simply send them updates when you’ve added new products to your shop or offering a discount. This keeps your subscribers up to date and advertises all of the cool things you are doing.

Those were my top six ideas you can send to your email subscribers. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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