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How To Be Productive When You Are Having A Flare-Up

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Having a chronic illness can be hard on your body, your relationships, and your job. There might have been a time when you could go all day from work to spending time with family. Now you might have just enough energy to throw a pizza in the oven and call it a day. So what is the best solution to boost productivity when you are at a point of no return in the pain department? Here are a few tips that have helped me. I hope these tips will help you too.

1. Sleep. I know I say this a lot in most of my blog posts, but trust me, sleep does help. There are times when I am physically and mentally so exhausted and in pain that all I want to do is go to sleep. So here’s my first tip. Go to sleep when you start to feel tired and don’t even think about getting out of that bed until you feel fully rested if you are able to.

What is a flare?

2. Take Breaks. A common mistake is that just about everyone who is suffering from a chronic illness makes is doing too much on the good days. If that sounds like you, here’s the remedy. Take periodic breaks, even when you feel really good. Taking regular breaks throughout the day releases the strain on your body and may prevent you from having a flare-up that will put you back in bed. Try setting a timer and resting for 15 minutes after every hour of work if you are able to.

3. Ask For Help. Asking for help is important and it doesn’t make you weak. Instead of pretending you are fine, have an honest discussion about what is going on with you. By not asking for help when you need it, you might end up in worse pain which could cause you to lose more work than you can afford to lose.

What about you? What are some of the ways that have helped you cope with flare-ups from chronic illness? Please leave them in the comments below.

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