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Morning Routines Shouldn’t Be Complicated

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Let me just start by saying, I’m not a morning person. In fact I rather stay asleep then wake up at the butt-crack of dawn. I do better when I have a checklist or schedule in front of me so I know what needs to get done for the day.

Also, when it comes to my mental state, I’m alot better off when I do my morning routine from start to finish. I truly believe that the morning routine I have created for myself has helped me from completely losing all my marbles. Morning routines can be as simple as waking up, drinking coffee, and get ready for the day to a long strategic list of things that has to get done before you can continue on with your day. I’m not telling you to copy my morning routine, but if you need a little help creating one for yourself, here’s my five part morning routine.

Part One: Wake Up / Make The Bed / Put On Watch / Pee / Check Weight

So the first step is to wake up, which for me, that is a task within itself. For many years, I have always had a problem with waking up. In fact if you let me, I can sleep for over 12 hours and keep on going. I’ve coming to realize now that the main reason for this is due to my mental state. Once I hear the first of three alarms go off, I feel like my body and mind is telling me to tell the world to “F” off and go back to sleep for the rest of the day. It’s like a battle just to get up and then once I am up and out of bed, my anxiety demon comes out to play. When that happens I feel like if I don’t take control, my body will take control for me and I will be miserable for the rest of the day.

The next step for me is to make the bed and put on my smartwatch. The main reason I use my watch everyday is that it is synced up to my phone. It not only keeps up with my steps and heart rate, but also if I get a text or phone call, my watch lets me know as there are alot of times I will keep my phone on silent.

The final step in Part One is I go to the bathroom and sometimes check my weight to see if I am making any progress. I try my best not to stay in there too long as my anxiety and Gastroparesis can sometimes cause me to have dry heaving spells (TMI, I know.).

Part Two: Dry Toast / Coffee / Morning Pages / Meds

In part two, I make some dry toast to help with the acid reflux. I also make a cold coffee drink where I use mainly almond milk. While I am eating on my toast, I write in my Morning Pages journal to help clear out the noise in my head and then I take my morning medicine.

Part Three: Breakfast / Part Four: Check Emails / Calls / Social Media

After I can get my medicine down, I will either fix a bowl of Fruit Loops with almond milk or if I’m in the mood to cook, I will make some eggs. Usually this part and part four will kinda blend in together as I like to check my emails, messages, and social media. Then I go into my bullet journal and double check any upcoming appointments and see what tasks I need to get done for the day.

Part Five: Wash Face / Brush Teeth / Do Hair & Makeup / Get Dressed

Finally the last part to my morning routine. Once I’m done with everything that is listed above, I go and wash my face and get ready for the day. With me working from home, I don’t always wear makeup unless I am doing something like filming or when I am having a virtual meeting where someone can see my face. After that, I start on either tasks or go into my first appointment of the day.

To help keep myself on track, the three main tools I use everyday is my bullet journal, my morning pages journal, and my weekly routine checklist. It might seem silly, but checking off as I am doing my morning routine helps me keep consistent. I hope this post will help you with creating your morning routine. If it did, please let me know in the comments below.

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