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Starting Over In 2020

So in 2011, out of frustration from working retail and hospitality jobs, I created an online Virtual Assistant business called LRD Virtual Admin Service. I mainly did administrative and web design work from my home office. It was definitely a learning curve. I struggled a lot trying to find clients and projects in the beginning. When I landed my first meeting with a potential client, I was very nervous, but excited at the same time. The person took one look at me and saw me as a personal pet project to try to morph me into her own image. With me not really knowing anything in the beginning, I went with the flow and rolled with the punches.

Throughout the process, I gained a few clients, which was great, but as time went on, I felt more like a doormat to be walked on 24/7. On top of that, I sometimes felt like they were trying to change me in a way I didn’t like or want. The one thing that really bothered me was the lacked of respect I received when it came to my personal choices. What I mean is I’m not religious, and to be honest with you, I will never be. I’ve tried in the past to get into it for my mom, family members and even my husband, but I don’t feel it and I just wish people would just leave me the hell alone about it.

So out of frustration, taking time off, and seeking therapy for my PTSD/BPD, I decided to completely take my website down and rebuild it from scratch. 

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