Stress Free Guide To Taking Time Away From Your Business

Whether it’s burnout or you just need a break, sometimes you just need a vacation. Yet as an entrepreneur, disconnecting from your business can feel terrifying. You may feel out of touch and out of control. One solution is to take your business with you, but is that how you really want to spend your time away? This solution, although very common, generally leads to a less than satisfying vacation and a halfhearted attempt to manage your business on the fly.

Another option is to set everything to be automated. You can schedule blog posts and tweets. You can automate your email marketing and you can hire a top-notch virtual assistant to manage any communications that come up while you’re away. Here are some additional ideas to make your time away work better:

Document Your Plans and Your Systems

One of the best ways to make sure you’re not forgetting something is to write everything down. This is a wonderful way to check yourself and to provide information and documentation for your employees, team or your virtual assistants. When you document all of your deadlines and systems, all anyone needs to do is read to make sure everything has been taken care of. Checklists are a fantastic tool for ensuring that each step in your process is accounted for.

Communicate Effectively

How many times have you been reminded to do something because a team member asked you about it? Letting other people know your plans helps you make sure you don’t forget anything. Communicate your deadlines, systems, and processes with someone you trust to back you up. Ideally, this should be your project manager or your virtual assistant.

Project management software or applications can be ideal tools for this process. They streamline communication, store files, and ensure deadlines are met. Many also allow you to create task lists and checklists for each project.


If you feel like you’re forgetting something, try not to stress about it. The more relaxed you are, the more likely it is that you will remember. And with the wonderful technology available to you today, you can then relay that information to your team and let them take care of it in your absence.

Taking time away from your business is important. It allows you to regroup, refocus, and to avoid burnout. The key to enjoying your time away is to find good people to back you up and to create good systems. It reduces the risk that you actually forget something and it puts a backup system in place to recover if you do.

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