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Tips To Beat Holiday Depression

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The holiday season isn’t wonderful for everyone. For some, holiday depression makes this time of year debilitating, and difficult to experience. As someone who suffers from depression, I have had my share of difficult battles without the years during this time. Here are a few tips to keep holiday depression away.

Make A Plan

Spend some time figuring out how to take care of yourself during this time. Come up with restorative routines, such as working on a project or napping (I love to sleep), and write them on a calendar or in your bullet journal. Keeping busy during this time of year has definitely helped me.

Avoid The Family Drama

There are a couple ways to save your sanity at family gatherings. If you know there are going to be conflicts, prepare a response, such as, “Let’s talk about that later,” or, “I can see how you would feel that way.” Then escape to the restroom, offer to help in the kitchen, or go hang out with the kids or pets (I love hanging out with animals rather than people).


Holiday activities easily can interfere with your sleep schedule. According to a bunch of studies, there is a link between sleep loss and depression, so you need to be careful about cutting back on sleep to get everything done (meaning more sleep for me). Try to get to bed and wake up at approximately the same time every day and make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary, free from TV or other distractions.

Exercise & Get Outside

Exercise should be high on your to-do list. The more stress I am under, the less time I feel like I have, but when I take the time to do my one mile walk at home video, that feeling just washes away. Also if you are someone like me who stays inside all the time, going outside for at least 15 to 30 minutes will help boost that stress right out of you. I always try to do my workout video in the morning and then take my dog Leo with me on a walk during my lunch break. Sometimes I even do the walk video again in the evening to help me get ready for bed as sometimes it takes forever to fall asleep.

Do you have any tips that help with holiday depression? If so, leave them in the comments below.

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