My Top 7 Loves

1. My husband & our four fur-babies (Leo, Izzy, Salem, & Bruno)

2. My Home Office (My safe place!)

3. My Bed (I love to sleep.)

4. Shooting Pool (I wish someone would put a Pool Hall closer to where I live instead of 45 minutes away.)

5. Creating content and websites

6. Learning New Things (I get bored too easily & always looking for something new to learn.)

7. Making Cosplay Videos (I love making gothic cosplay videos.)

I am just a crazy white chick who loves to shoot pool, watch wrestling, listen to heavy metal music, make Goth Cosplay TikTok videos, while also trying to figure out my purpose in this messed up world. In 2011, I started a Virtual Assistant business called LRD Virtual Admin Service where I basically did web design, social media, and provided administrative support. A few years later after trial and error, I decided to drop the business name and do business as Lois Riley Durham. Now in 2021, I no longer provide administrative support and found out that my true passion is building websites and making content.

I also have a podcast called The LRD Show, where I interview a variety of guests as we discuss different topics from business to life and everything in between. Besides my podcast, I have a YouTube Channel where I am starting to do a Vlog Series around balancing work, life, and medical struggles one week at a time. I also write a weekly blog ranging from business and productivity tips to personal stories and more.

I have been featured in the Commercial Appeal and interviewed on the Marybeth Conley Show in Memphis, TN. I hope one day I can get the opportunity to interview both Kelly Cutrone and Gary Vaynerchuk on my podcast as they are the two main people who have shown me the way to just be myself and to not give a rat’s ass about what other people think.